Squared Online Reviews

‘I was attracted by the dynamism of the Squared Online community’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Yasmina Morrenne is an Account Manager at Strategie One, where she creates one-to-one marketing strategies for clients including VW, Merck pharmaceuticals and Imperial Tobacco.

She joined Squared Online following a recommendation from another graduate.

‘I was attracted by the dynamism of the Squared Online community,’ she says. ‘Even as a marketing professional you still sometimes ask, ‘what do I do?’, and here was a forum where practitioners and digital natives mix, and tutors throw in new perspectives. It was exactly what I was what I was looking for to discover new ideas and best practice.’

An experienced marketer, she was also looking to complement her existing skills and expertise with practical experiences though the collaborative group projects that are the cornerstone of Squared Online.

‘The groups were always really well put together. There was a great mix of industries and job roles represented.’

As an all-rounder in digital, Yasmina was able to support others by sharing her knowledge, which in turn helped her develop her communication skills. She also made sure to vary her approach in each project; taking the lead in some, acting as the facilitator in others.

‘The virtual group work is in many ways so much more challenging than working on team projects in your day job. Real life interrupts, things crop up in people’s jobs and they can’t always make it. So you really learn to coordinate and compromise.’

She also found she really benefitted from giving and receiving constructive feedback as part of the team-based learning.

‘You just don’t get such detailed, intensive feedback like this in the workplace, and it’s incredibly useful. It would be great to take this feedback back into your role to support taking on new projects where you need a specific skill set.’

So, how has she been able to tie it all up and bring her learning back to her day to day work?

‘I have that holistic view of digital now. I see that bigger picture of how all the channels fit together which really helps when I’m putting together campaigns for my clients. I experienced this incredible creative environment where everyone could share ideas and get inspired which continues to this day – my team still meet up together regularly! It’s been a fantastic way to grow my network in the industry.’

Yasmina Morrenne is on LinkedIn.

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