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How Chris became a Head of Web and Digital Marketing at 22

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Just how does someone land a head of digital marketing at the age of 22? We caught up with Christopher Boyd to chat about his meteoric journey to the top, which has also seen him recently move from the UK to Malta.

Chris joined Squared Online looking to get himself out of a professional rut. He’d been working in digital for a while but was ready to take things to the next level, learn more about the digital landscape and discover new frameworks and processes that he could take with him along the way.

‘My thinking was that even if I was on the course while applying for jobs, it would show that I was investing in myself and look good to prospective employers,’ he says. ‘So it was something of a no-brainer. ‘Chris started out on Squared Online with little exposure to the digital channels other than email, but just a few months into the course he’d already made his first big move: joining digital agency Optix Solutions as a Digital Marketing Manager.

‘It was a slightly untraditional hiring process in that I had applied to Optix on spec, but they didn’t have any jobs at the time. However we kept chatting, and eventually something opened up. My manager told me that was my Squared Online qualification that clinched it.’

Not only was Squared Online Chris’ first experience of online learning, it was his first time back in education since 6th Form.

‘What I liked is that you could manage your own time, and study the way that worked for you,’ he explains. ‘My routine was that I’d complete the week’s activities just before the live class – that way I had time to reflect and stitch things together.’

He got to grips quickly with the virtual group projects too: ‘they mirror the practical realities and challenges of working in marketing – particularly in agencies where you’re working in teams all the time.’

Early this year Chris switched things up again, moving to Malta to take up the role of Head of Web and Digital Marketing for mobile specialists Mr Messaging. Chris manages the marketing strategies for the company’s various clients from the ground up, where he’s always spotting new opportunities to use what he learned on the course.

And even though Chris has recently spread his wings to horizons new, he’s still in touch with his former team mates at Optix.

‘Digital in Malta is a little behind the curve compared to the UK, but I’m still part of the company WhatsApp going where everyone’s always sharing the latest articles. This way I get to keep up with what’s new in the industry and see how I can apply it out here.’

What Chris has achieved in such a short amount of time is pretty impressive. How does he feel about what he’s done?

‘I don’t think this would have been achievable at my age had I not invested in Squared Online. I tell everyone who wants to get ahead in marketing: ‘you need to know about this course!”

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