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Student stories: Sarah’s graduation

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Sarah was in her living room watching the Graduation live class on her laptop when she found out her fellow group members had nominated her Inspirational Square.

‘My dad was sat next to me watching TV and didn’t have a clue why I was suddenly cheering away with my headphones in,’ she says. ‘I had to explain to him that in this case, being ‘Square’ was a good thing.’

Whilst Sarah’s wealth of knowledge, creativity and great attitude towards group work might have been clear to her team mates from the start, before starting the Squared programme she had always considered herself more of a listener.

‘In the early days of my job I didn’t have a lot of confidence to step up in these situations,’ she explains. ‘And suddenly I was getting feedback from the people in my group that I was a natural leader – that was a real eye-opener for me, and it’s given me so much more confidence.’

Sarah graduated with a first-class degree in Media, Culture and Communications in 2013 and originally had her sights set on a career in journalism, until her dissertation about the effect of the internet on the newspaper industry sparked an interest in social and all things digital. A Digital Marketing Executive role in Newcastle-based digital agency iResources soon followed.

‘I’m self-taught and originally joined Squared Online to make sure what I was doing was along the right lines, but also to see what else is out there,’ Sarah explains. She highlights the value proposition from Module 2 as one such discovery that’s already informing her approach in her job: ‘we’re working on a side project called Neatly and building up the customer profile and applying those evaluation frameworks have been instrumental in creating our marketing plan.’

Now she’s graduated Sarah keeps up to date with marketing trends by trying to mark out a little time daily to swing by her favourite blogs. ‘Even taking ten minutes at the beginning or end of the day to check out the headlines or bookmark articles to read later makes a big difference’ she says:


Her main takeaway from the course? ‘Always tie everything you do – social, content, campaign planning – back to the bigger picture with the customer profile and brand values.’

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Sarah Hewitson in on LinkedIn. You can see her talk Dr Who, Game of Thrones and the fine of art of lurking in her Module 1 introductory video here.