Squared Online Reviews

‘Learning apart, Squared has taught me to stand up for what I truly believe in.’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

“The professional and personal effect has been profound, the friends and network created because of the course are invaluable.  After all, people are the real assets.’

Pramit Ghosh has made dramatic changes to his life and grown leaps and bounds since he started his whirlwind journey with Squared Online nine months ago.

‘I was working at Tatas, the biggest conglomerate in India, in a secure well-paying job,’ Pramit tells us. ‘Then I made the decision to quit.’

This demonstration of his pioneering spirit is the perfect example of what saw Pramit nominated by his peers as an Inspirational Square.The title of Inspirational Square is awarded to students who have excelled throughout their time on the course, and inspired and actively empowered others along the way.

Here’s Pramit’s Inspirational Square story, which has seen him recently launch his own digital consultancy.

Pramit joined Squared Online after feeling he’d been in a rut and falling short of his professional potential for some time. He credits his Squared journey for giving him the courage to take a leap of faith – and the confidence to believe it would pay off.

‘The course was continuously adding tremendous value for me, even to aspects of marketing I knew well. It consolidated so much knowledge which caused my confidence to sky-rocket.’

Whilst Pramit’s commitment when it came to course work was clear, he also recognised that collaboration and personal relationships were also key to making a lasting impact.

During the course, Pramit set up a WhatsApp group for the entire August intake. Students told us how he’d driven conversation on a near daily basis for the past six months, inspiring them on topics around and beyond Squared Online.

‘I have never met Pramit, or any of the other WhatsApp contributors in person,’ one August grad said, ‘but they sincerely feel like my digital friends. Representing so many cultures, we are quite literally wrapped around the world but they are always there for me – like lightning in my pocket.’

As Squared Online’s Managing Director, Claire Whittingham, announced Pramit as an Inspirational Square in the Graduation live class, the stream of congratulations and joy from his peers was non-stop.

How did it feel?

‘It was honestly a humbling experience,’ remembers Pramit. ‘I was surprised – I focused so much on what I’d gained and learned from others on the course, you forget that you’re giving something valuable to people in return too.’

He definitely did. Pramit was unanimously described as ‘always wanting the best for the group, always offering support and willing to go above and beyond.’

This glowing nomination feedback fits in against a broader background of students giving and receiving constructive feedback, an essential strand of the Squared Online virtual group projects.

What did Pramit take away from this?

‘Joining the course, I perhaps on paper had more experience than some of the other members of the team but I learned so much from them. Their regular feedback was paramount to me in adapting my leadership style where necessary. I found that talking to people about their culture, music and personal lives was the most important point in building working relationships. It’s vital to have that human face to a team when you’re working virtually, and especially across borders!’

And in addition to how he leads, his experience on the course has also led to real changes in his working style – with virtual collaboration now at the forefront. Pramit and some fellow graduates from Rome to Amsterdam are even in talks about launching a digital marketing company together.

Pramit’s influence for positive change as an Inspirational Square has continued far beyond the Squared Network too, with something of a chain reaction taking place in his immediate network. Not long after he made a big career move, a number of his former colleagues followed suit, also moving on to areas they were passionate about too.

A few even joined his startup.

‘There is nothing to tie me down any more. No narrow confines of processes and job definitions. All of a sudden, beyond digital and traditional paradigms, I find that the sky is indeed the limit. Learning apart, Squared has taught me to stand up for what I truly believe in.’

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