Google Partnership

New Year’s resolution to stay up to speed with Digital? Check out Google’s Academy for Ads follow-on learning for Squares!

Last year, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received from Squares about Academy for Ads courses:

“Wonderful initiative”

“Brilliant news…always looking to refresh my knowledge since graduating a few years ago!”

We partnered with Academy for Ads to bring courses to Squares which best suit the Squared Online learning journey. Taking Squared Online learning objectives and Academy for Ads bitesize courses, we found a great solution to providing Squares with a deeper dive into ongoing learning after graduation.

For those who are new to Academy for Ads – it’s a Google training program which you can use to grow your advertising skills.The courses cover a range of topics including AdWords, DoubleClick and, the new topics for this month, mobile and programmatic.

Each of the below courses are aimed at intermediate level. Check them out!

How to find mobile customers | Choose the right mobile asset | Make engaging mobile messages | Measure mobile effectively | Prepare for a programmatic world | Programmable marketing basics

The Academy for Ads site is globally accessible 24/7, so feel free to pass these links onto your team and wider organisation.

Happy learning!