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Read the book we wrote in an hour by hacking the hive mind

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Earlier this month we took part in Mindshare Huddle by joining forces with creative agency Mr President to do something a little bit special…

The theme this year was ‘what does it mean to be human in a digital world?’, and Huddlers joined us to explore how technology and social networks continue to evolve our concept of “community” now that we have a global hive mind to tap into.

To demonstrate the power of understanding conversation and how organisations and brands can slipstream it, we hacked this complex landscape together – collecting sufficient insight to write an entire book in just one hour.

This is how it happened…

On Facebook we received 66 responses to our posts (and those were just the posts that participants marked as public).

On Twitter we achieved 71 mentions/contributions. These tweets reached a long way: thanks largely to the social reach of the bloggers we involved, the tweets popped up in timelines 130K times.

…and we created our own little community network brought together through our hashtag #1hrbook

And this is what what we made…



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