Collaboration and sharing knowledge with others is a key part of Squared Online, and the Squared Network exists to stimulate those discussions both during the course and long after graduation.

In addition to various forums and activities on the Squared Online Virtual Campus, we also create an exclusive Google+ community for each cohort. Students are encouraged to use this space to post news and interesting articles, seek advice and secure feedback from their peers on all kind of topics, from interview tips to finding beta testers for new business ideas.

Having successfully completed the course, Squares are invited to join an alumni community on Google+ where they can develop the same relationships with graduates from every online and face-to-face cohort. This lively community is growing rapidly and is a hot-bed for ideas and professional opportunities.

Alongside Google+ there are other social spaces where students and alumni can chat and share information such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as various events and initiatives throughout the year such as parties, networking sessions and focus groups.