Module 4

Data, analytics and insights

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What you'll learn

At this stage of your Squared Online journey, you’ll have mastered creating content and using technology for a seamless customer journey. Next up, Module 4 is all about data and analytics! You’ll learn the fundamentals of analytics and build a measurement plan to track successes (and failures), all to help inform future marketing decisions.

Digital marketing topics covered in Module 4:

  • Introduction to data and analytics
  • Google analytics
  • Attribution
  • Single customer view

By the end of this module you'll be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of data and analytics to enable you to make strategic marketing decisions
  • Develop a marketing measurement plan to translate your business objectives into goals, KPIs, segments and targets
  • Derive customer insights using Google Analytics to inform effective marketing activities
  • Apply attribution models to optimize your budget allocation across marketing channels
  • Devise strategies to tackle data fragmentation in your organisations to create a single customer view

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Leadership challenge - tackling data fragmentation

In this module, you’ll analyse case studies illustrating the ways that fragmented data leads to irrelevant or ill-timed campaigns to customers. Throughout the module, you’ll learn about technology that addresses fragmentation and ways of working that will help you integrate customer data into a single customer view.

Assessment: Individual

No group project in this module! But you’ll complete an individual online assessment with a series of multiple choice questions to help nail down what you’ve learned.