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Hands-on learning

How many smart phone owners have actually opened the manual that came with their phones? Knowledge is most powerful when learned by doing, and that’s what Squared Online is all about. At Squared Online, there are no endless lectures or thousand-word essays. Students are encouraged to have practical experiences and learn on the job, just like in real life.

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Your Virtual Campus

 This is where it all happens. Join live classes, participate in discussions, watch streamed content, collaborate with classmates and complete pre-and post-class activities
  • Individual activities

    Individual activities

    Some hands-on work to prepare for the live class, or apply concepts from the live class in context post-class

  • Live classes

    Live classes

    The hour-long weekly interactive live classes are dynamic and discursive, giving you the opportunity to interact with our team of expert speakers and other students

Working in groups

Group work and practical experiences are the cornerstone of Squared Online. It’s a one-of-a-kind approach to learning, and it’s what makes our course different.

 Foster a collaborative mindset as you work in teams on virtual group projects based on real-life strategic business challenges in three out of five modules. Get to grips with virtual collaboration tools and integrate technology into everyday working practices.

You’ll work with your team to:

Pitch an innovative business idea


Develop an integrated marketing plan


Research and produce a whitepaper on digital trends


Student showcase


Client-winning strategies

In Module 4 students are challenged to develop a marketing proposal for the launch of a new product which drives awareness, evaluation and sales, in addition to building loyalty and advocacy. Top projects are bold, creative and take an original and innovative approach to the different channels and touchpoints in their campaign.

Check out a head-turning, targeted strategy

Trend-spotting and future-gazing

In Module 5, Squares demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape by writing a whitepaper on where digital will take us next. Their whitepaper sells their ideas on how a major digital trend will affect a specific industry and makes valuable, forward-looking recommendations that will drive innovation, creativity and strategy in that sector.

Read a whitepaper about hyper-relevant marketing

What our grads say about group work


Marianne Glon-Villeneuve

"The interaction with other course members is a fantastic way to understand others' approach to digital marketing, to build a network and to improve on team-building experiences."


Rachel Browne

"The projects have given me confidence working with groups. I enjoyed working with a variety of different people and being exposed to different leadership styles."


Kirsten Razzaq

"At work we’ve been able to pitch for business in innovative and inspiring ways due to the projects and assignments I worked on with my Squared team members."